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What It’s REALLY Like On an African Safari

For me, before I left my comfortable suburban home to go on an African safari, I was—to put it frankly—a bundle of nerves. Despite nervousness being part of my general disposition on a daily basis, the fact that I was quite literally about to depart the U.S. for an experience completely and utterly foreign to… Continue reading What It’s REALLY Like On an African Safari

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3 Easy Dehydrator Snacks for Backpacking

This post is going to be a bit different than most of the others I’ve done, but no less informative! Part of the main premise of this blog is to help the everyday person to travel cheaper and this is going to be invaluable information for someone interested in getting out and experiencing nature or… Continue reading 3 Easy Dehydrator Snacks for Backpacking

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How to Pack for a Backpacking Trip

How to pack for a backpacking trip can vary greatly depending on the environment you’ll be going backpacking. For instance, if you’re doing a backpacking trip through Europe and staying in hostels or backpacking through an extremely cold and mountainous environment, this video may leave a few things out that you would want to consider. But in general, if you’re going on an overnight hike in a spring-summer-or fall climate and would like some general packing tips, this video is for you!


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